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Sycamore Elementary School Project Featured in Engineered Systems Magazine

sycamore elementary

Millenium Energy Company worked with Sycamore Elementary School in Holt, MI, to replace their outdated boiler system with a more effective and energy efficient HVAC system. The school was looking for a solution that would keep the students warm during the frigid Michigan winters and cool in the often hot and humid summer, without consuming too much energy.

LG Electronics’ Multi V IV Air Cooled VRF Heat Pump system was chosen because it is designed to meet the needs of a drastically varying climate in an energy efficient manner.

Details of the project were recently featured in Engineered Systems Magazine:

For Sycamore Elementary, [Vytau Virskus with Millenium Energy Co.] was able to integrate the HVAC system into the existing environment using the AC Smart Premium control system provided with the LG package. LG Electronics officials said they recognize that long-term efficiency, comfort, and reliability start with proper installation and services of the equipment; therefore, the company offered training sessions for Sycamore Elementary School personnel and service teams. The final result will be an energy-efficient HVAC system that is also extremely quiet — a must for a classroom environment.

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