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Millenium Project Earns Holt Schools $214,000 Rebate

holt high school

Consumers Energy presented the Holt School District with a $214,000 rebate check—the largest check of this kind to be issued in the state of Michigan. The money came thanks to a two-year, $500,000 project to upgrade the district’s energy system, including high-efficiency boilers and low-sodium lights. Millenium Energy Company designed the system and guided the project from start to finish.

“These big things would heat the building,” facilities manager Jon Hall said. “We installed these three high-efficiency, 98 percent efficiency condensing boilers.”

According to Teri Van Sumeren of Consumers Energy, the new system and upgrades will save the school district $250,000 annually. That’s only a fraction of district’s $58 million budget, but the money saved will make a big difference in the long term. “That would be approximately about half a percent that we could earn a year,” said superintendent Johnny Scott. “So if you look at 10 years that’s five percent.”

The school district says the money will go back into the general fund so it can continue its energy investments.