Next Generation Energy Design Solutions

Dearborn HVAC Infrastructure and Energy Initiative
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Millenium Energy Company is an industry expert offering energy efficiency consulting services.

We analyze all of the strategies available to maximize benefits for each of our clients.


Reduce a facility’s environmental footprint by cutting down on the amount of energy required to sustain building systems.


The cumulative impact of utility rebates and discounts where available, utility rate savings, and maintenance savings are often significant.


HVAC performance optimization, hydronic and/or energy management system integration, and lighting technology upgrades and automation.

Improvements to mechanical systems, lighting, and temperature controls will reduce costs, increase value, and provide better comfort and enhanced building environments.

Savings range between 35% and 40%.
Actual cost reduction can reach 45% to 50%.

These projects can create new, non-budget capital that can pay for infrastructure improvements and result in more general budget dollars being used for educational programs.

The Millenium Advantage
  • Proven track record for reducing cost for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, K-12 schools, and colleges and universities
  • Expert analytical capability
  • Established analytical process
  • Proprietary analytical tools
  • Ability to perform utility rate and regulatory impact analysis
  • Seamless project management and implementation