Next Generation Energy Design Solutions


Founded in 1998, Millenium Energy Company uses the most current technologies available to integrate legacy systems with the newest open protocol energy management solutions. We leverage advanced technology and regulatory advantages to maximize energy cost reduction while increasing energy efficiency for long-term sustainability.

We have developed proprietary analytical tools to analyze each aspect of energy acquisition, conversion efficiency, and distribution.


The integration and effective control of heating, cooling, and lighting systems are required to achieve maximum operating efficiency while maintaining a comfortable and safe building environment.

Millenium Energy applies technical and regulatory experience to address client energy issues and employs advanced technology in the most practical and cost-effective manner to achieve maximum energy efficiency and environmental comfort.


Millenium Energy offers analytical and consulting services, strategic planning, energy cost analysis, and facility energy management. The firm has been active in providing energy efficiency design services for several sizeable performance contracting (PC) ESCO's, including ESG, Johnson Controls, and Honeywell.

We provide commissioning services in accordance with LEED requirements for HVAC performance optimization, hydronic systems and controls, energy management system integration, lighting technology upgrades and automation, alternative energy analysis, and environmental footprint reduction, as well as, lecturing on building automation control theory and strategies.


  • Okemos Public Schools
  • Holt Public Schools
  • Oakland University
  • United Parcel Service
  • ESG
  • Johnson Controls
  • Honeywell